Intimate studio visits

As the Common Grounds temporary studio offer is drawing to a close after two months at Lange Nieuwstraat 7, we are hosting intimate encounters with the artists by appointment-only during the weekend of 1 & 2 May between 13.00–18.00. We are happy to find a safe way of sharing these incredible artists’ works with you!

To visit the studios of Annabelle Binnerts, Ana Linhares, Lux Sauer, Ariadne Sergoulopoulou, and M.C. Julie Yu, select a time slot via Doodle and confirm your registration by emailing Staci at Please read through the supplied information regarding the Covid-regulations carefully before registering. On our Instagram you can find portraits about these artists.

For the artist-tenant Hache Collective, a different moment applies.

On 9 May you can livestream a 30 minute performance by Hache Collective from our office at 14.00.

Image description: the respective studios of Lux Sauer, M.C. Julie Yu, Ana Linhares, Annabelle Binnerts and Ariadne Sergoulopoulou – a wide diversity of art styles including objects, readings, fabrics and collages.

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