Travelling Farm Museum Tours

A Travelling Farm Museum tour involves a site of interest to the themes of the project, a collective bike ride from the depot to the site and the artists and pedagogs that activate the mobile museum, members from her diverse communities and curious participants. Despite the lockdown restrictions and physical distance, we found ways of connecting with our neighbors.

The museum had regular tours in the Leidsche Rijn area for a whole summer. As the museum continues moving around, it will evolve year by year to exchange knowledge and skills, especially on growing and cooking food, and to cultivate the stories of the once vast farmland and now the new residential urban complex.

Engaging with children, youth and the rest of the inhabitants that make up the neighborhood – food producers, gardeners and beer makers, growers and chefs – all come together with local historians, engineers, entrepreneurs, researchers and artists to assemble the stories of forgotten skills before they are lost from the collective practices and minds of this agricultural area in urban transition.

To subscribe for the upcoming tours starting 5 June, please mail

The museum visit is free, and inside the cargo bike there is a history section, a small food store and opportunities to exchange goods with visitors such as yeast or plants. We dearly invite you to share something the day you come along. The tours follow the rules and advises of the RIVM. Disinfectant spray and tissues are present plus a 1,5 m distance is held.

Each tour starts at 14:00, departing from Boerderij Terwijde, Jazzboulevard 50, Utrecht. Bring your bike!

For ongoing updates, keep an eye on the Traveling Farm Museum website and Instagram. Also, check out our tour reports in the news section.

Public tours (2021)

  • 5 June Tour voedselbos Haarzuilens
  • 12 June Tour to Microrganics & ASEED
  • 19 June Tour to Stekkers + RAUM
  • 26 June Tour to Melktap Harmelen 
  • 3 July Tour to Moestuin de Haar
  • 10 July Tour to Kasvio
  • 21 August Tour at De Hoef
  • 27/28 August Tour to Degrowth Conference (external – more info here)

Public tours (2020)

  • June Kersenboomgaard
  • July Historische Vereniging Haarzuilens, Vleuten, De Meern & Leidsche Rijn; Buurttuin Johanniterveld; headquarters of the association of gardeners AVVN; Rootnoot; Boer Goes; and more
  • August Touring workshop: ‘Stories of seeds in a hidden garden’ with young artist-farmer resident Sun Chang and Mr. Lin’s community; Metaal Kathedraal; Boer Peter Farm, Haarzuilens
  • September Neighborhood walk and the workshop ‘Sowing Sustainable Prospects’

Image description: two people seen from behind are riding a bicycle and following the Travelling Farm Museum bicycle on a road bordered by trees, there is a tractor crossing the street in the background, there are trees around them.

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