Travelling Farm Museum Depot

Image Description: Three people are sitting on chairs outside the depot in the Terwijde Winkelcentrum, they are surrounded by plants and pots that come from the plant farm Stekkers, and that can be bought directly from the depot.

In the beginning of 2020 an opportunity arose to inhabit another location in the neighborhood. While the farmhouse was already sold to a commercial developer and we observed the first signs of its transformation, an empty store space in the shopping center of Terwijde winkelcentrum surrounding the farmhouse was offered to the Travelling Farm Museum […]

Travelling Farm Museum Architecture

Image description: the travelling farm bicycle is parked on some grass, it is open so the contents are visible and has the flag with the TFM logo.

In 2020, the Traveling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills takes the form of the occupied farm and becomes a mobile character. The onset of the pandemic time found the Travelling Farm Museum team developing the Museum’s mobile installation – a roaming architecture on a bike nicknamed “the embryo” of the Travelling Farm Museum. Taking inspiration […]

Story / Heritage, Chapter 1: This Creaking Floor and All the Ceilings Below

Since 2014, Casco and FOTODOK have shared a building on Lange Nieuwstraat that overlooks the Abraham Dolehof courtyard. For Chapter 1: This Creaking Floor and All the Ceilings Below, Casco and FOTODOK join forces to reflect and collect stories on the building’s past and histories we inherit. Chapter 1 opened on 6 March in our […]