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A process of commoning the main site and building in Utrecht’s Museum Quarters through different modes of sharing the space, its use values & stories.
A participatory mobile museum exploring agricultural heritage in urban areas to cultivate knowledge and skills for ecological, resilient living.
A European level cooperation project of workshops, residencies, and publishing for researching and promoting resilient cultural practices and tools.
A digital platform that supports the care and maintenance process of socially engaged art projects contributing to the culture of the commons.
An annual get-together for commoning art institutions through collective (un)learning, workshops and action plans.
Four solo shows of the distinguished artistic practices and languages by Babi Badalov, Ansuya Blom, Ama Josephine Budge, and Mire Lee.
An experimental sound-focused solo exhibition by Terre Thaemlitz and a collective exhibition of art and research by members of GRACE with Cookies.
ReadingRoom is open to anyone interested in careful close readings



C4R (Cultures for Resilience)

Using art as an imaginative and generative lens, Casco joined C4R (Cultures 4 Resilience) to empower the marginalized, and contribute to alternative modes of living

Common Grounds

Common Grounds explores the site and building of Casco Art Institute as an exemplary site for commoning with multiple contributions and participations by artists and


Commons.art is a to-be-launched digital platform and gathering place that functions as an economic ecosystem for sustaining a new generation of socially engaged artworks, collective